Fairfax County Public Schools “Expert” Determines Lindamood Bell Not Appropriate for Student with Dyslexia, Because Lindamood Bell’s Site Has Pictures of Young Children On It

Virginia Hearing Officer Rhonda Mitchell determined the program Lindamood Bell is not appropriate for a student who has Dyslexia, after Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) “experts” made curious statements about the instruction and Lindamood Bell’s site and staff.

Jugnu Agrawal, program manager of FCPS’s special education curriculum, and one of the FCPS “experts” who testified in front of HO Mitchell, said Lindamood Bell isn’t appropriate because, “if you go and look at the pictures on their website and everything, it is specifically for elementary.”

The Things Due Process Witnesses Say: Dottie Skrincosky

This post features quotes, facts, and documents related to a recent due process hearing at which Dottie Skrincosky testified.

The hearing focused on, among other things, whether the program “Just Words” is appropriate for a student with Dyslexia.

At the time the parent filed for due process, Dottie was a curriculum specialist on staff with FCPS.