Recommended Reading: Anything by John Holt

I ran into John Holt in a college “Conflict and Negotiation” class. His book “Learning All the Time” sat atop a classmate’s satchel, and I found myself straining to see the title of the book with all the colorful handprints. As the class ticked by, and the classmate bumped the bag here and there, the book inched out of its nesting spot and onto the floor.

Not long ago, I returned to the books, still on my shelves, and found them speaking to me just as they did all those years ago, and found myself regretting I had slid their messages to the side to make room in my head for everything new I was trying to learn. What follows are a few quotes and examples from John’s books, which still speak to me and which might, perhaps, resonate with you, too.