Clue of the Date: 12.3.21

Clue of the Day

What is Fairfax County Public Schools trying to hide?

“Attention to email correspondence with C. Rosenberg regarding status of investigation and communications with DOJ.

“Conference call with AUSA Pedersen regarding status and developments.”

Source: Hunton Andrews Kurth invoice #102193721, 03/12/2021, “Project Spark” (View the clue on page 373 of FCPS’s FOIA response, which Fairfax County Public School Board attempted to prevent me from publishing by suing me. The First Amendment prevailed!)

Questions to Ask

Why is Fairfax County Public Schools communicating with the Department of Justice about an investigation?

What is the investigation?

Why is an assistant United States attorney (AUSA) involved? What is the AUSA’s involvement? Why is the AUSA communicating with FCPS?

Status of what?

Developments of what?

What is “Project Spark”?

Please join me in asking Fairfax County School Board members, Superintendent Scott Brabrand, in-house attorneys Ellen Kennedy and John Foster, and out-of-house attorneys at Hunton Andrews Kurth for answers.

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