FERPA Violation: Longfellow Middle School Students’ Privacy Violated

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) violated the privacy of 12 Longfellow Middle School students.

The document that is the focus of this breach is a list of students who were in the special education program at Longfellow in the 2018–19 period.

According to the FCPS family that forwarded this document to me (in March 2021), a former administrator at Longfellow Middle School provided it to them within a collection of other documents in 2019.

If you believe your son or daughter might be on this list, please contact Superintendent Scott Brabrand to 1) confirm the breach and 2) if you weren’t already aware of the breach, please ask him why he didn’t make you aware. FERPA regulations exist for a reason.

Please join me, too, in asking Superintendent Brabrand to finally address FCPS FULLY securing the private information of its staff and students. You can email him at suptbrabrand@fcps.edu

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