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January marks the start of the majority of the 2021 legislative sessions in the United States.

With these sessions come the introduction of bills that will impact you and your children.

If sending one email to a state legislator is all you have time to do, please do it. Every little bit counts.

Children throughout U.S. states and territories, and the District of Columbia, need our help.

If you’re in Virginia, please check out to sign up to speak and submit comments.

When Do State Legislative Sessions Start and Who are Your Legislators?

The start and end dates vary from state to state.

Here in Virginia, the 2021 legislative session runs January 13 through February 11.

Visit your state’s site below or sites like Ballotpedia and Legiscan for more information about your state’s general sessions and special sessions, as well as contact information for your legislators.

U.S. States, Territories, and the District of Columbia

Virginia Education and Health Committee Members to Contact

Virginia Public Education Subcommittee Members to Contact

What Bills are Being Introduced and Where Should You Focus?

In Virginia, 1,458 bills are being introduced this session, with 6 completed to date.

I don’t know anyone with time to become an expert in one thousand of anything, so pick what impacts you and your family.

My main focus is education. If I go narrower, the list becomes special education reform; illiteracy and eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline; full, appropriate, and early identification of children; training and certification of educators; bills to hold state and county educators and administrators accountable for following state and federal regulations; and parental rights.

Don’t Have Time?

We’re all busy. Navigating special education is difficult in the best of times. Add COVID to the mix and school infractions of the past become kin to sunny walks in the park.

If you don’t have time to educate yourself on the bills introduced, please contact a trusted organization in your home state. Many of them are already lobbying on behalf of children, their parents, and advocates.

For example, Decoding Dyslexia has state and local chapters across the United States. You might not have the time to join a chapter, but pay attention to the bills on which they are focusing.

Consider taking that trusted organization’s lead and contact your legislators by sharing that organizations messaging.

Or, simply email your legislators about your personal experiences.

If you’re in Virginia, please check out to sign up to speak and submit comments.

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