South County High School Breaches Student Confidentiality Again

5.17.21: South County High School (SCHS) Principal Gary Morris and Due Process & Eligibility Coordinator Dawn Schaefer met with a representative of the U.S. Department of Education, Student Privacy Policy Office (SPPO). Among other things, they spoke about the confidentiality breaches for which FCPS is at fault, and for which the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has repeatedly found FCPS in noncompliance (See “FCPS Report Card”)

5.21.21: Just four days after FCPS spoke with USDOE SPPO, SCHS staff member Tina Wrubluski violated the privacy of numerous students when she shared her computer screen during an IEP meeting. Although numerous people kept trying to obtain her attention, Tina continued working away, making document folders about specific students available for viewing.

A short video of Tina’s actions, with the student’s names blurred out, is included below.

If Tina is the IEP case manager for your student, and you’ve not yet received notice from SCHS that your child’s privacy has been violated, please touch base with me. I’ll connect you with Superintendent Scott Brabrand, to whom I’ve been advising for years that privacy breaches are a systemic problem in FCPS.

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