Special Education Action YouTube Channel Launched

Last week, Special Education Action launched a YouTube Channel.

The videos feature responses from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, such as Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) restraint and seclusion training videos, school web site pages (to preserve in case the pages are deleted), and documents (to preserve in case something happens to the hard copies).

Although the videos posted to date are FCPS focused, the intent is to include videos related to education throughout the United States.

To date, the videos uploaded to the channel include the following:

With the growing number of videos being provided to Special Education Action by different parents, organizations, and/or (FOIA) requests, rather than hosting them all here, it made sense to host them on YouTube.

You can still find these videos under the “Intel Room” section of this site (but with YouTube hosting).

Please consider subscribing to the channel. If there are videos you’d suggest sharing, you can reach me via the contact form on the about page of this site.

Thank you for your continued support!

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