Freedom of Information Act

FOIA Release: FCPS “TLP Procedural and Instructional Guidance Training” (4.13.20)

4.13.20: Video Slideshow accompanying “TLP Procedural and Instructional Guidance Training” presented by Dawn Schaefer, coordinator for due process and eligibility; Andrew Guillen, manager due process and special education services; Kellie Cochran, coordinator for special ed related services.

Obtained via FOIA request.

Transcript provided by Special Education Action.

“Big 8” Letter Requests Special Education Waivers; Children Put Behind 8 Ball

FCPS provided a document saved as “Lane Special Ed Letter”, in response to a FOIA request. The letter itself lists one waiver after another related to special education, as divisions “try to navigate the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Instead of requesting more supports to ensure provision of FAPE for students and to help teachers, the letter states, “Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden on special education staff . . . ”