VDOE CSEA Fairfax County Public Schools Review Summary Report

VDOE FOIA Response: VDOE 2022 Monitoring of FCPS

June 22, 2023, the following FOIA request was submitted to Virginia Department of Education: “Please provide me VDOE’s Summary Report of the Review of the Provision of Special Education in FCPS.” June 30, 2023, VDOE responded by providing the report below. In a separate FOIA response, VDOE provided the data collection spreadsheets associated with the report.
FCPS COVID-19 Compensatory Education Update FOIA Response

FCPS FOIA Response: “COVID-19 Compensatory Education Update” and “COVID-19 Compensatory Education Service Delivery Models”

June 13, 2023, Michelle Boyd, FCPS’ former Assistant Superintendent, Department of Special Services, spoke at the monthly Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities meeting and stated Office for Civil Rights provided FCPS additional guidance. Boyd stated she would be releasing it to principals either that night or the next day, in addition to sending it to ACSD members. 

A FOIA request was submitted to obtain the guidance document. After receiving Boyd’s June 14, 2023, guidance email to FCPS staff, another FOIA request was submitted, to obtain access to documents hyperlinked within Boyd’s email.