Fairfax County Public Schools Leadership Team Annual Employment Contracts

Employment contracts for Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) leadership team were released today. FCPS released them in response to a FOIA request submitted by parent Debra Tisler — and then turned around and attempted to recall the response.

Today’s response and recall are echos of FCPS’s attempt to recall a FOIA response it provided Debra less than a year ago. The difference is that this year (at least as of this writing), FCPS hasn’t sued Debra. Last year, after failing to recall its FOIA response, FCPS sued Debra, failed to prevail, later non-suited, and wasted over $300,000 on a lawsuit that was a clear case of prior restraint. (Additional Reading: “Parents and First Amendment Prevail; Judge Rules Against Fairfax County School Board” and “Fairfax County School Board’s Legal Fees for Prior Restraint Lawsuit Against Parents Now Expected to Exceed $300,000“)

The contracts provided to her today include information that should be publicly available as it details the terms of contracts for FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand and numerous other “leadership team” members who are responsible for the education of Fairfax County’s students and the running of its school system.

[This article will be expanded at a later date. It is posted now in the interest of making the contracts available for public access right away.]

Click on image below to access all 57 pages of contracts.

Click on image below to view email at a larger size.

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