Your Fairfax County School Board Member: Karen Keys-Gamarra

This marks the launch of a new series that will feature information, documents, emails, recordings, and so on, related to Fairfax County School Board members and Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) special education program.

I’m starting with Karen Keys-Gamarra for no other reason than that I happened to tap into an email of hers for another article I posted today.

This article and articles for other board members will continually be updated.


I emailed FCPS’s board members, as well as a number of others, about problems with special education programs in Virginia.

Karen Keys-Gamarra inadvertently responded to me, instead of her intended recipient Frances. In her email to Frances, which she actually sent to me, she stated,

“Can you take a look at this and consider whether we need to have a larger discussion regarding our special education implementation. I am hearing these kind of complaints fairly consistently.”

At the time of this writing, that was three years ago—and yet FCPS is just now one year into a two-year audit of its special education program. The audit isn’t even comprehensive or representative of a larger sampling of students, yet it has already identified horrendous problems with FCPS’s special education system. Karen knew in 2018 and the problems continue in 2021.

Click on the image below to view it at a larger size.

9.18..18 email from Karen Keys-Gamarra


October 1, 2021, which was just after FCPS took legal action against me and Debra Tisler, Karen popped up as a follower in the Twitter feed for this site. Me? Rather than her spending time on Twitter, I’d prefer her taking action to stop what continues to happen to children in FCPS’s special education program.

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